Ultrasonic connection


Is there any way to get ultrasonic sound wav file or something that could help connect Zoom App with Zoom Room without password?
I could play that file inside my App so it may help me.
Or It works in a different way?


The iPad Zoom Room Controller emits an ultrasonic signal to broadcast the sharing key for the Zoom Room. The Zoom client on a laptop listens for the signal, so that it can start sharing that laptop screen with the Zoom Room, without having to type in the sharing key. There is no other function of the ultrasonic signal; it’s only used to broadcast the key.

Unfortunately, If you are building your own custom Controller using the ZR-CSAPI, there is one major limitation; Zoom does not provide an ultrasonic library, or the specifications for the ultrasonic signal. So for your custom Controller, users need to type the sharing key into the laptop Zoom client to share the laptop screen.