Unable to assign developer permission for creating/editing Server to Server OAuth App


I’m attempting to assign developer permissions for creating and editing a Server to Server OAuth App but I don’t have the option to enable server to server OAuth permissions mentioned in this document: Create a Server-to-Server OAuth App

Hi @daniel.cheley ,

What exactly do you see? What is your current assigned role/permission on the account?

Hi @gianni.zoom

I was able to get help on this from someone else, thanks!

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Awesome, happy to hear it’s resolved!

  1. Do we have a webhook event that will be triggered when a user receives a message?
  2. Do the APIs have any threshold limits, like a maximum of 20 calls per minute to an endpoint?
  3. I tried to create an OAuth application from the marketplace, but I faced an issue due to insufficient permissions. I have attached the image. Could you assist me with this?
  4. I tried for the server to server Oauth but it responded with “your account does not have enough privileges”. Could you assist me with a scope that needs to be added to my account by admin so that all will done well?

Hi @pankaj.salunkhe ,

For chat channel messages, here are the webhook options that may be helpful: Zoom API Events - Team Chat

Please see the following: Rate limits

Please see the following documentation that can help with getting the correct role and permissions in place:

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