Unable to download call recordings when only setting access shared call recordings on "Admin" tab

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
We get download_url from this webhook and get recording from download_url.

When I only set access shared call recordings with refer to No.9 of “How to share call recordings” part of the document by Role & Permissions Management.

I always failed to download call recording via download_url like below.

    "code": 404,
    "message": "File does not exist."

Of course when I set No.1 - 8, I can download call recording via download_url.

Is this behavior as expected ?
If you need moreSend informations, please send me a DM.

Thank you.

Hi, @rc-tech,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum – I am happy to help. To start, can you share the snippet of coal used to download the recording? In the meantime, I’d recommend checking out @will.hughes’s Automatic Download of Cloud Recordings with Webhook Events project down below as an implementation reference:

Automatic Download of Cloud Recordings with Webhook Events

Sorry for late.
Thank you for replying.

The snippet of code is below.

download_url = "https://zoom.us/v2/phone/recording/download/[random string]?access_token=[access_token]"
download_token = "[access_token]"

                headers={"Authorization": f"Bearer {download_token}"},

res = request.urlopen(req)

It works when I set access permission by Access Automatic Call Recording User tab.
But when I set it by Admin tab, it returns below.
So I would like to ask whether this behavior is the way expected or not.

    "code": 404,
    "message": "File does not exist."

Best regard.