Unable to install this app without the developer's account, even the root user

I want to publish my zoom app as “private”, but I have 3 problems, please help.

  1. Can’t start my zoom app from “Publishable URL”.
    I copied “Publishable URL” to start the zoom app.
    But, the URL shows the error.
    “Unable to install this app without the developer’s account. Please contact the app developer to install.”

In this case, the account is the developer account,
In almost cases, the account is the outside account of the developer account, but not.

The app is OAuth type,
Intend to publish: Yes
User Managed

How to start the app with “Publishable URL”.

  1. How to show the app in Zoom?
    As the app is not shown in “My Apps” of Zoom, even “installed” in “Manage” page.
    Please tell me how to show the app in Zoom.

  2. How to get events of a user in root account?
    As a premise, a root account have a sub user.
    The root account starts a meeting, it can receive the meeting started event,
    but the sub user starts a meeting, the meeting started event has not come.
    How to get the event?

There is any one, please tell me why my app can’t start with " Publishable URL"? and shows the error message with "Unable to install this app without the developer’s account. "

@ami-atd-ml Please submit a ticket through our Developer Support Center and include a link to this thread. In that ticket please also provide the client ID of your application as well as the app owner email.

I’ll use that to investigate further.

Hi MaxM.
Thanks for reply.
I got a Ticket #13310032.

I hope to solved soon.


Thank you for the update, we will follow up with you there (ticket #13310032).


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