Unable to locate Apps to Transfer Ownership


We recently deleted some deactivated Zoom user accounts and received a few emails regarding Zoom Marketplace apps no longer having a valid app owner.

When attempting to transfer the app ownership via the link in the email, we were unable to locate the apps in question under the “Created Apps” page. Of note, the email mentioned these apps were in a Draft Status.

Is it possible to transfer the app ownership in another way or were these apps automatically deleted due to being in a Draft status and having no valid app owner? Any help regarding this issue is greatly appreciated.

Hey @kcardoso
Welcome to our community! I am happy to help here!
Have you been able to transfer your apps?
I believe it is possible to transfer apps even if they are in a Draft status but you would have to do it before deleting or deactivating the account of the app’s owner.


Hi Elisa,

The app’s owner accounts have already been deleted. We only received any email notification when the account was deleted. We were not aware that the accounts in questions were app owners prior to account deactivation and eventual deletion. Given this, is there an alternative method to transfer the apps?

Hi @kcardoso
Just to confirm, you are not able to see the apps correct?
If you have the name of the app I can try and look for it

Hi Elisa,

Correct. The two apps in question are not present within the list of apps under the “Created Apps” section. I do see other apps that our organization has made but not these two.

Regarding the names of the apps, one is named the same as the app owner and the other contains the name of our organization. Given this is a public forum, is there a way I can share with you the names of the apps directly?

I will send you a private message to follow up with this issue

We deleted some deactivated Zoom user accounts, and shortly after, we received emails indicating that Zoom Marketplace apps were left without a valid app owner. The emails provided a link to transfer ownership, but when attempting to use it, we couldn’t locate the apps under the “Created Apps” page.

Hi @Calumawson
Can you please open up a new thread under the App Marketplace category