User Does Not Exist Error

Users with information missing

It seems that if I pull the active hosts for a given data range, I can get users with missing details. e.g.,

“id”: “aFFlMpaeS9uNPLLrv6vwRQ”,
“email”: “”,
“user_name”: “”,
“type”: 2,
“dept”: “”,
“meetings”: 2,
“participants”: 83,
“meeting_minutes”: 11859,
“last_client_version”: “”,
“last_login_time”: “”,
“create_time”: “”

If I then try to pull Meetings for the user I get:

“code”: 1001,
“message”: “User does not exist: aFFlMpaeS9uNPLLrv6vwRQ.”

Is there a way to account for these?

Which Endpoint/s?

and then:

Hi @james.lloyd – has this user been deleted? If so that could be why you’re getting the message that the user does not exist.

If you think the user does still exist, please send their user id email to

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Hello Gianni,

I can confirm the user has been deleted - but I don’t think that should impact on this.

Either API calls should exclude deleted accounts for all APIs or (preferably) they should include them in all calls with a flag and/or filter.

It makes it difficult to report on a historical position if the APIs selectively hide data.

I hope this makes sense.


Hi @james.lloyd , this is helpful feedback and makes sense. I’ll document these points for our considerations. Thank you!

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