User Must Be Admin to Authorize First User of OAUTH app

We have created an integration app using OAUTH. When a user first trys to use it, they are prompted to authorize it in the Zoom client. If the user is not Admin level, they receive a message “You cannot install the app because you don’t have the required permissions.”.

If we make the user Admin, they can authorize the app, then we can take the Admin role away, and the app continues to work.

Is there any way to authorize the app without the user having the Admin role?


@gschally Hope you will be fine.

Yes :point_down: you can by creating user-level app not admin level.

Thanks. I see that is an option when I first created the app, but is there any way to change the existing app? Or I assume I will have to create a new one.

@gschally You need to create new one. Thanks

Thank you, I apprecaite your help.