Using a system API to log on to Video conference system


We have a wearable device that will need to log on Zoom conference system. This Wearable device does not have a physical keyboard and has no way to enter an ID and meeting number to login as required by Zoom.

Is there a way to use APi to develop a script to allow this device to log onto a video call with one keystroke?




Quick question so that I can help you further, are you looking to join the video call on the wearable device?
It depends on the type of meeting, you can write a script to use the join_url in the API response to join the meeting.


Yes, I am looking to join in a scheduled Zoom Video conference call from a wearable device. The device does not have any physical keyboard and is impossible to
key-in anything.

If I use the
join_url, I will still need to manually input the url. Otherwise, the system does not know which meeting I am joining in. I cannot pre-set a url, because each video call, the url is different.

Following idea could be an option:

A preset url to login to zoom website, waiting for the wearable device to input meeting number

Then use voice input function to speak out the meeting number.

If this is an option, my questions is

What is the API to call allow the login in, and how to call the api from an Andriod OS wearable device?