Video is not getting enabled on Chrome browser

When the user tries to hit the video icon. Video is not getting enabled.

SDK Version - 2.4.5
Chrome Version - 103.0.5060.114

Only when the user clicks the settings icon the video is getting enabled.

@rahul_swamynathan ,

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. Can you share more details about this matter? We need to know the following information:

  1. Are you using Client View or Component View?

  2. Can you share a screenshot of the video and the settings icon mentioned?

  3. When did this behavior start happening?

  4. Are you seeing any errors in the browser console?

I’m using Client View. This happens after the chrome update.

Please find the screenshot below. Chrome is not allowing the video to be enabled
In the menu top right Conner you can see only microphone is available

Console error:

When the user click the zoom setting icon on the bottom right.

User is able to preview the video but when the user clicks the video icon video is not getting enabled.

Hi, @rahul_swamynathan,

Just checked on my end and can confirm that the video is getting enabled when clicking the video icon. Can you perform an isolated test with the sample app and let us know if the problem persists?

Yeah I tried it’s working on my local machine. Is there a way to deploy the sample app and check for other users ?

I went through the code on sample-app. The only difference is that I’m generating signature using JWT will that cause issue ?

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