Video stops for all in Webinar


In webinar if host switches to gallery view, video stops for all hosts, cohosts and panelists

Zoom SDK v4.3.47201.0322
Device: iPhone devices
Webinar id: 975925815


Hi dolly,
Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Pardon the inconvenience caused by the issue. Could you provide the steps of how to reproduce this issue? Can you provide any logs regarding this?



We started the webinar with meeting id: 975925815

Created 3 Penalist (1 host, 1 teacher, 1 cohost), and many attendees.

When cohost check for participant list and change that to gallery view from grid view, so video stops working for all iOS devices.

Also, we tried from dial in number as well.


Dolly Vaish


Hi Dolly,

Thank you very much for the detail. Do you notice if this issue happen in the previous version? Or just the version that you were mentioning?



We started webinar on this version only and facing that issue.


Dolly Vaish


Hi Dolly,
We looked into this issue and we are not able to reproduce the issue that you are facing. We tried to reproduce the same scenario with our demo app, and everything works fine. Are you getting this issue from our demo app or from your app that integrates our iOS SDK? When you are referring to “Video stops”, is the UI freeze or the video turn to black?

The switch gallery view action is a local action, which only affects the action performer(In this case, the host), thus it will not affect other people(remote).

Can you provide any log or code snippet that could help us further investigate into this issue?