Web SDK 2.0.1 - Connection issues when using SDK

Our meeting participants encounter severe connection issues when joining the meeting through our platform using the Meeting Web SDK. The audio is very delayed, and is always cutting off, making it impossible to follow along in the meeting. On some occasions, leaving the meeting and joining it again solves the issues, but only temporarily. These issues do not exist when the participants join the meetings using the Zoom desktop app.

We are using v2.0.1 of the Meeting Web SDK, and have included the WebAssembly SIMD Chrome Origin Trial token, as recommended in a few past posts with similar issues. We also include the SharedArrayBuffer Chrome Origin Trial token. The issues still persist.

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Additional context
The meetings we host through our platform usually have around 15-17 participants attending, but the issues are just as severe when we test with meetings consisting of as few as 3 people in the meetings.

Hey @azmin.massoumi,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and for providing detailed information on the issue you’re encountering as well as what you’ve looked into.

Is this a new implementation or was this working before? We are tracking an instance of service degradation in the following post that might cover what you’re reporting:


Hi @MaxM i feel the same problem with @azmin.massoumi, but i use older version 1.9.8

Hi @MaxM, thanks for your reply. This is a new implementation. Glad to hear you and the team are looking into it, I will be sure to follow the post you mentioned.

Hi, @samuelsusanto789 and @azmin.massoumi,

Thanks for reporting the behavior you are seeing. As Max shared, we are tracking an instance of service degradation and the forum post here. I want to add your cases to that ticket for tracking. Can you share the region you are seeing this with a screenshot of the meeting analytics? This information can be found in Zoom Dashboard, which provides graphs that indicate connection quality for sending/receiving video, audio, and shared content. If nothing is being sent or received at that time, no information will show. You can learn more about meeting statistics and graphs available on the Dashboard tab here. I kindly ask that information you send it to developersupport@zoom.us:

Meeting ID -And - UUID:
When Audio or Video dropped:
Zoom Web SDK version for both users:
Client’s Chrome Browser Version:
Date & time:

I will keep an eye out for it:


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