Poor video and sound quality

In recent days we have had problems with the sound and image of webinars. Lots of sound failures and blocked video. Several participants, in different locations, have been complaining that they are unable to attend the webinar.

I’m using Web meeting SDK 2.0.1

Happens in all browsers



We also got many complains about that on November 23 and 24 here in Japan.

We through it was related to an issue here, unless you (@eventos.gestao) are also from Japan, it looks like a more global issue.

We could find that this massive incident happened between (approximately) 5 p.m Nov 23 JST and 3 p.m Nov 24 JST by monitoring very long ping time on Zoom Singapore Gateway over the last week + correlating with our customers surveys on our services.

Also found network issues from our user’s chrome OS logs when communicating with Zoom Video servers hosted on Amazon Tokyo. Not sure if this is related or another issue with AWS that happened at a similar time.

Since then, some users still continue to report some degradation time to time but not as much as during this time window.

We are still on the web SDK 1.9.9, it seems to be a network or zoom’s servers / network related issue.
No reply yet about this from Zoom.

@will.zoom / @MaxM is it possible to get some insights about this ?


I’m in Portugal, Europe.
And today we had complaints about the same problems.

Hey @eventos.gestao and @nvivot,

Thank you for reporting this, I’m sorry to hear that you’re seeing this degradation of service. I’ve reached out to our engineering team with the details I’ve been able to gather and will update you as soon as I hear back from them.



Today we had two webinars. One in the morning at 9 am (id: 89545811143) and the other at 2 pm (id: 85625936258). In the morning webinar we had no major problems. Some complaints. In the afternoon’s webinar, there were already many people complaining, and some gave up because they didn’t have sound.
It is becoming worrisome.

@MaxM any updates about these regular problems ?

  • unstable quality of audio & video passing through the web portals (web sdk base apps)
  • known bug on your SDK protocol provoking regular (& increasing) audio & video cut during a meeting
  • availability of some of your gateway (japan) being really bad, leading users to pass through another farther gateway (singapore) and thus increasing latency and worsening audio/video quality

Why don’t we see any Zoom incident published when there are so many issues with the Web SDK base infrastructure ?

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Hi @MaxM Any update on this? I’m also getting reports from clients with degraded audio and video with embedded webinars. Most of the participants were is Great Britain.

Hello, @nvivot and @eventos.gestao,

Sorry for the delay on this matter. I can confirm that according to the ticket (ZOOM-327692) opened by Max, our engineers identified the root cause and the fix is slated for the first week of Jan.


@donte.zoom is this only happening outside North America?

Greetings, @giancarlo1,

Sorry, I am not sure of the answer to that but I will certainly look into that for you.


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