Web SDK Version 1.7.8 is released!

Hello Zoom Developers,

With the continuation of our Security initiative , we’ve released a new version of the Web SDK version 1.7.8.
This version comes with Computer Audio support for Firefox :grinning: and new APIs for the meeting information invite url.

For full details about 1.7.8, please visit the latest Web SDK change log page .

To get started, you can find the latest Web SDK version in the following locations:

  1. NPM: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@zoomus/websdk
  2. Sample Web App repo: https://github.com/zoom/sample-app-web
  3. Angular Sample App repo: https://github.com/zoom/websdk-sample-angular

As Always

Do you have a release in mind for Computer Audio support for Safari? Also is audio available in all OS for firefox?

Hi @mayank,

Please refer to my comment here -

We are using this version on our production today facing issue that video not automatically on when we click start video then video appears and goes off after 3 to 5 secs and not able to see the participant video which was really bad more over the behaviour is unrealistic since it works only randomly.

Can you please tell me that this version is production ready or not since we don’t have these issues on 1.7.7

Hey @vijayk.kannan,

Can you please send this description of the issue and your meetingID to developersupport@zoom.us.


We’re unable to use the screensharing feature using this api on web.

Hey @rohit1,

Please create a new topic in #web-sdk so we can help. :slight_smile:


Hello @tommy ,

I did, Nobody replied. Here is the link to my thread

Hey @rohit1,

I have just replied to you. Please respond in that thread.


any idea when messaging will be supported for JWT authenticated apps?

Hey @jd.snyder002,

Please create a new topic here: #zoom-api


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