Webhook App - Activity limited to just one developer rather than org wide

API Endpoint

We have a webhook set up to link Zoom to Salesforce - it’s been set up and functional for a few years now. The webhook has started to fail in the last few weeks - we believe this is due to the Enhanced Domains changes being enforced in Salesforce.

We’ve tried to update the URL which is set for our webhook to test out a new domain format for our sandbox but we repeatedly get an error regarding URL validation failing but it doesn’t give much in the way of description. Originally we were getting a 307 redirect error but even though the URL validation process kept failing, the site did update on the web logs I’m seeing now and we’re getting 200 responses.

The issue now is that we are only seeing web logs related to one users Zoom meetings not the entire org. This user was marked as the developer of the app - so not sure if that was the issue or not.

Meetings coming through on the webhook logs are only for one user - not for the entire org/account level.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Review App logs

Getting some visibility with some Zoom rockstars :slight_smile:

@elisa.zoom @brandtley.zoom @nichole.milia @virginie.zoom

Never mind - figured out the issue related to the new webhook validation process.

Hi @cmcgloin
Happy to hear that you found the root cause of this issue!
Feel free to reach out in the future if there’s anything else I can help you with :slight_smile:

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