Webhook Prerequisites Clarification

I was integrating Zoom API as part of new requirement for users to be able to create, edit, delete meetings for their Zoom account from our site. We also would like to know if the user deletes or edits one of these meeting they created from our site from Zoom portal and update in our system as well. I understand we can use Webhooks for this purpose.

While going through the docs for webhooks I saw its mentioned “Prerequisites - Pro or higher plan”. My question is does this mean our Zoom account that we are using to create Marketplace app needs to have a Pro or higher plan or the users who installed our app needs to have Pro or higher plan for us to receive webhook request. We do have a Pro account but I am currently using a free account at initial stages of development.

Which App?
OAuth app (OthoFX Test User Managed App - starting developement, webhooks have not been enabled now)

Hey @thanthu,

Great question, the app developer account needs to be Pro or higher.


Hi @tommy,

Thanks for the reply. I have some more doubts.

We are planning the initial release without Webhooks. Can we can we later upgrade the current account used to create and publish the App to use Webhooks without breaking or republishing the already published App. I am asking this because I came across this issue while going through the forum.

Also what are the scenarios when we’ll need to republish the App ? And Each time we make a change that needs the App to be republished, will it impact/break the already published App ?

Also If we can get a link with list of features that free and pro account have in terms of building and publishing market place App, if available, would be helpful.

I noticed that in the link you shared ( Pro or higher) under Pro plan feature REST API is listed, what does that mean ? We need Pro account to publish App to market place ?


Hey @thanthu,

Yes you can do this.

Whenever you like to make updates or add new features you can submit an update request. The already published app will not break or be impacted during the update request.

That means the you need a Pro Plan to use the most of our APIs.


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@tommy So we added the Zoom account that was used to create the App to our company account as admin user and generated new Publishable URL, still the webhooks were not getting triggered.

So I tried uninstalling the App and when I tried to reinstall getting the message “This app cannot be installed outside of the developer’s account.” Even though I am trying to install using the same account that created the App.

Below is the screenshot of Created Apps page from account I am using.

And when I click on this App I am taken to below page

When I click Install from above page I am shown the below message:

What could be the problem ?

@tommy When I created a new App I am getting the Webhooks call correctly but for some reason now the old App is not working.

Hey @thanthu,

This is currently a known edge case, if an individual Zoom user creates an app, but then gets merged into a business / company account, the app does not get transferred properly. We are working on fixing this, and if needed, it can be fixed manually now.

Happy to hear the new app is working! :slight_smile: