Webinar API Returns Last Occurrance

When using the “users/userid/webinars” API call why is the start_date for the webinar the last occurrance of that webinar.
I have a webinar setup for 6 weekly sessions and I want to know the date and time of the first occurrance. To achieve this I need to make multiple API calls.

To me it would make sense that the above API method returns the “start_date” as the first occurrance, not the last.

Can you please explain why this is not the case.


Hi @nigel, I can see how the design of the Webinar API is not ideal in this use case. Unfortunately, some of our APIs are going to require multiple calls to achieve the desired outcome. If you have a recurring webinar, after retrieving the webinarId, you can use /webinars/{webinarId} to retrieve the start_time of each occurrence.

Thanks Michael - yes that is exactly how I have coded it to work around…

Great @nigel, glad you were able to find the workaround. Let us know if we can help figure anything out.