Webinar video audio issue

I am using web sdk to to join in webinar from my website. But many student have issue regarding video and audio quality . Its fine with few students but when the number increases there is so many issue at student end.

I am currently using 1.7.10

  • Browser:[e.g. Chrome (Latest or old), Firefox]

Hey @h.gurung1,

Can you be more specific about the issue? Is the audio and video slow? How many students are in the meeting when the issues start to happen? Do the students have good network connection?


There are both video and audio issue. Some weird irritating sound comes while attending webinar from student end using web sdk. For video there is lagging sometimes video gets stuck in one place.

Actually we want to support 500 student per session. But there is issue on 100+ student only.

Thanks ,

Hey @h.gurung1,

Thanks for the details. We are working on fixing this and will keep you updated. (CS-2018)

Can you please share the browser and browser version and device type you are using?


Browser version depends upon user (students) some are using safari, edge, chrome, firefox and devices may vary (mobile , laptop).


Thanks @h.gurung1,

We are working to fix the issue. I will keep you updated.


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