Websdk < 1.8.3: deadline when computer audio breaks


currently, we use websdk 1.7.10 for our integration.

according to https://github.com/zoom/websdk, we need to upgrade to at least 1.8.3 to avoid problems with computer audio before january 10th

you released 1.8.3 one month ago - this gives the users of your websdk about 2 months of time in total to avoid a service disruption which totally breaks the usecase of your sdk

you may understand that we are working in release cycles, and that such a short-term announcement (less than 3 weeks from now!) creates a huge problem for us.

please, reconsider this deadline!

harald glanzer

Hey @harald.glanzer,

Thank you for your feedback. We will be passing this along to the team. We can’t promise to extend the Jan 10th deadline, but we will surely try our best.



We have to upgrade to 1.8.5 which is out from few days only. Just to make sure you know and do not update to 1.8.3 and face audio issues on January 10th.

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Thanks @nvivot!


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