Wrong meeting state after connecting the meeting when someone in the meeting has enabled a screen sharing

The meeting state is returning to “ZoomSDKMeetingStatus_Connecting” after getting a meeting state “ZoomSDKMeetingStatus_InMeeting”.
The full meeting state transition sequence is:
After this we are unable to get meeting ID, but still have a limited access to the video raw data.

The issue persists on Mac SDK only, the same use case with iOS SDK does not cause issues

Which macOS Meeting SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Start a meeting using the native Zoom client app
  2. Start sharing your screen in native Zoom app
  3. Connect to the same meeting using the Zoom SDK for Mac with Meeting ID and ZAK token
  4. Observe meeting state transitions
    Device (please complete the following information):
  • Device: Mac Mini 2020 M1
  • OS: macOS Monterey 12.2

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