You have exceeded the limit of license assignment for your account. Buy more licenses to increase the limit

Hi Mitsuo
when u buy a license, u can change(assign) it 4 times per month.
Zoom Said.
We don’t have any choice.
10license x4=40times per month
100license x4 = 400 times per month

Thank you for your reply.
I have already had the was suddenly that I couldn’t use it no limit…anymore.

I have already checked a cred card(deadline) is no problem.

I think u ve changed assignments over the limit.
how many licenses?
if u have 10license, u can change only 40times per month.

Zoom is busy for Big companies. haha
not for us, small company.
It’s a money business.


Ok,let me check it.Thank you again

We have started facing these issues yesterday and got not response yet from the support team.

Thank you for implementing this.
Finally a good reason to say goodbye.

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Hello everyone, I have some information on this change. Myself and Elisa are still working with other teams to get out a concise FAQ about what is going on. But what we do know is this:

  1. as someone hinted at earlier, there is a rate limit on how many times you can reassign licenses. This is where we are trying to get some concrete answers.
  2. if you have a Basic account, you aren’t impacted by this change

That’s all we have for now.


So, in fact the FAQ will be updated and the new clause about the limitation of the assignments will be added?

It’s just some kind of joke that I can’t use the license that I purchased, after I paid I didn’t even transfer it to anyone, but my license has changed to a basic one and now I can’t assign a license to MYSELF

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I have been working with support for 1 week now on the issue and I am not able to get proper details out of them. This thread has been more helpful than 2 tickets with support.

I cannot find an announcement of this change, and this feels like a shadow change as tons of people are felling it at once.

March 23rd the error article is posted/updated.

April 3rd this thread starts.

Elisa has been a champ trying to get us info and has made it unfortunately clear that not only is this change not documented, but it doesn’t seem to be communicated.

Shariq posted just before me some of the details that are becoming painfully clear, paid acocunts now have a hard limit on assignments.

What is still not clear is:

How many?
How can I track this?
Do I need to lock down my account or rethink my entire operation (users in this thread demonstrating that they have license assignment over API, a well documented api that I cannot see any mention of assignment limitations only requests to the endpoint.)

As all the signs have pointed to, the only way Zoom has given us around this is to buy more licenses. However even this isn’t clear. will buying 1 new license now give me X new assignment credits to use across all of my “available” unassignable licneses, or are my “available” licenses now just burned by an individual built in limiter and this license is infract no longer available. as it claims to be in my management portal.

I hope we have some official news soon, so I can site PIPEDA Law, remove all my info from Zoom and move on to the next webchat provider.

This feels like the 40 minute cap applied to 1 on 1 meetings a year ago, and this was rolled out with even less info than that was.

I guess I will see you all on

Thanks for reading.


Zoom is doing everything wrong. First, the article Zoom is referring to is about sharing an account, not sharing a license between users. So the interpretation of the rule is up to Zoom, and as users, we cannot complain. Second, many of us have one license to use for our work team, and Zoom made a unilateral decision. Third, if they apply their own rule, it’s a misinterpretation, as they have the feature to change the assigned license to others.

The consequences are as follows:

Owners of Pro licenses are hijacked until we pay for another account.

We were victims of an authoritarian regime of a company who acts as the judge and the party.

We have no right to complain.

We didn’t receive warnings or any indication of the decision.

We paid for something, but it was illegally denied.

As for how to solve this, I have no ideas at the moment.


This only applies to PRO accounts, does Business have any restrictions on assigning licenses?

I think for the answer for this
CNN would be faster than the Dev team here.

yes, same.
maybe even enterprise account has this restriction.

Today I was able to transfer the license.

Having the same problem! We have licenses being held hostage! This limitation is ridiculous. Forcing us to buy more licenses in order to use the ones we already pay for is a very bad move. Looking into a plan B, if this continues we will be saying bye bye to zoom.

My team has switched services. We understand the new policies, but changing the way the service works without notice and leaving us on the dark for half a month is not the way to go.

Had they let us know via e-mail or something beforehand, we would have prepared and probably would have just bought the extra licenses. We were already considering it, but if this is how they operate, just changing whenever they feel like it, I don’t feel comfortable with this service anymore.


Hello. Is there any solution for this? I have 3 licences that I cannot assign to anyone. Please help!

Hi Elisa, I need help with this as well, please do get back to us.