Your request is blocked by security policy with Personal Room Link

Continues getting errors when joining from personal room link with browsers.

  "status": false,
  "errorCode": -1,
  "errorMessage": "Your request is blocked by security policy.(SupportId: 151649138051072685)",
  "result": null

Hi @milindchaudhari97
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Can you please share more details about the issue you are seeing?
Are you using a meeting SDK app and Oauth for authentication?

Hello @elisa.zoom
Thank for your response,

No, I have tried Meeting SDK but SDK also not working, its a different story.

I using Personal Room link from meetings section after login on Zoom. That simple url getting error.

So you are getting this error when trying to open your personal room from the Zoom portal? @milindchaudhari97

and By using Meeting SDK, the local system works perfectly but when we try to host on URL the screen stuck at Joining Meeting.
You can check the console log too in the following image.
We are using Angular Framework and hosted on Plesk with Ubuntu.