Zoom Call does not show video if answered through CallKit when device is locked


I am using CallKit to ring the device and the begin a video call. This works fine if the device is unlocked, but when the device is locked there is odd behavior.

After answering the call on an iPad, the meeting is started and connects. That participant’s video is visible to the other party (person who called) but on the iPad there is no video visible of anyone.  The rest of the Zoom UI appears. After a couple of minutes, video will finally appear.

Another odd behavior is that CallKit shows the call as recording even though recording is disabled. This only happens when the call is answered from a locked screen.



Another note, if I switch to gallery view or switch camera on the ipad the video appears. 


hi Dutton:

Thank you for your info. We did some refactor for Callkit integration in the coming release. We plan to release it in these week.

I will provide solution to u here after new SDK released. 




Is this fixed in v4.1.30420.0817? I do not see anything regarding CallKit in the changelog.


here is my suggestion.

  1. You need to introduce PushKit in order to receive notification.

  2. While app receives notification via PushKit, join the meeting and keep username(kMeetingParam_Username) as nil.

  3. SDK would start to join progress, SDK would callback to App via the delegate: 

  • (void)onJoinMeetingInfo:(MobileRTCJoinMeetingInfo)info

               completion:(void (^)(NSString *displayName, NSString *password, BOOL cancel))completion

at this time, APP is still in join progress.

  1. The app may need to present one-page notify one call is coming (Use CallKit here) as received the callback.

  2. If the user accepts the call, App may use the block: completion that passed back to the app in the delegate and passes the correct username. Then SDK would continue the join progress, join the meeting if no risk.

If the user declines the call, App may use the block: completion that passed back to the app in the delegate and passes cancel.

SDK will cancel the join progress.

Hope it helpful to u.



This still doesn’t seem to fix the video not showing up issue. The video appears sometimes, but sometimes there is no video and you have to tap Gallery View or Switch Camera to get the video to appear.