Zoom WebSDK invalid signature with Zoom Events meetings

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Zoom WEBSDK CDN with Zoom Meeting 2.12.2

I’m using the Zoom Meeting SDK web sample. I can join my meetings if I create them from my Zoom account, but it fails with meetings created from Zoom Events

Is there any documentation about using Zoom Meeting SDK coupled with Zoom Events?

Am I supposed to consider that a meeting created inside Zoom Events is different from a Zoom account meeting?

The meeting window opens and I see the video screen, but when I click the “Join” button I get the " Joining meeting timeout. Signature is invalid." message

Troubleshooting Routes
During an entire day I tried everything I could before realizing that Event mettings were not working whereas non-event meetings did work.

How To Reproduce
1. Create an event with https://events.zoom.us
2. Set the Event Access to “Anyone with the link”
3. Create an event Session - it’ll appear in your zoom account with the tag “From a Zoom Event Hub”
4. Create a Meeting SDK app
5. Install the Zoom Meeting SDK web sample
6. Open sample-app-web/CDN/js/index.js and enter your app. CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET
7. Find your meeting number for instance using the Zoom Event API and Postman
8. Open the Meeting SDK web sample in your browser, enter your meeting number and try to join your meeting

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