Zoom Windows SDK Chat - Text input is disabled for some users

Zoom Windows SDK Chat - Text input is disabled for some users.
For some users, chat functionality is not working properly. Users can copy paste, can press back and delete buttons… But user can’t input any other text to chat window, text input is preventing in the chat window.

Kindly assist to get rid of this issue.

Which version?
Zoom SDK DotNet Wrap v1.0.7472.30017

Hi @saniltr,

Thanks for the post and pardon the late response. Could you provide the following information:

  1. What is the SDK version that you are using? (The version v1.0.7472.30017 is not an SDK version)
  2. Are you using default UI or Custom UI?
  3. Is this issue reproducible with our demo app?
  4. What is the device/OS of the users that has this issue?


Hi @Carson_Chen,

We are using the latest Windows SDK version.

Preventing text input is only happening for few users. Don’t know how could you reproduce at your end.
Windows 8/10 users have notified this issue.
Android SDK have no issues right now.

Hope you can reproduce this issue any how from your end. Waiting for the positive reply.


Dear @Carson_Chen,

Is there any option in Windows SDK, to forcefully enable Chat for all users…?


Hi @saniltr,

Thanks for the reply. We have tried to reproduce this issue on our end but still no luck. Since there is no other customer reporting this(so that we could find some common factors), it is hard for us to troubleshoot this.

The chat feature should be enabled for all users by default if did you disable the chat feature on your account or using SDK interfaces. And if the chat is disabled, the chat button and UI won’t show up in the meeting UI, it won’t show the UI with text input disabled.

You may have a try with the interface IMeetingChatController.SetParticipantsChatPriviledge(SDKChatPriviledge priviledge) (https://zoom.github.io/zoom-sdk-windows/class_i_meeting_chat_controller.html) to set the chat privilege and see if it helps. Thanks!

Hi @Carson_Chen,

The Chat UI is showing for the users.
The issue is happening randomly for the users. The users are here students.
Using one of our Zoom business account, Zoom LIVE classes are going on. Almost above 100-150 students will join that classroom/meeting at a time. The Chat text preventing issue may happen to few students in that Live meeting.

If a student has chat issue in the morning Zoom Live meeting, that student may not have any chat issue in the afternoon Live meeting.

Gathering some information from the students we can either say that the issue may occur with the following points (not sure):

  1. Since meeting members are above 100, may be the issue occurs
  2. Students with Windows 10 OS, notified the problem.
  3. Different meetings are scheduled at different time with the same Meeting ID (Personal Meeting ID)
  4. Some students have no problem in the morning meeting, but have chat issues in the next meeting (afternoon)
  5. Using almost 7 Meeting ID’s at a time, in which these 7 meetings have more than 100 students.
  6. The 7 Meeting ID’s may or may not have chat issue in the morning session, but may have chat issue in the afternoon meetings. It’s randomly.

But in our Android app, we have no chat issues reported yet.

I will share the whole code for your reference if needed for you to check, whether we are doing anything wrong from our end.

Since it’s affecting our business, hope the problem causing with the chat issue can be dig-out and solved soon. Waiting for your reply as soon as possible.


Hi @saniltr,

Thanks for the reply. Sorry to hear that. We have tried to reproduce this issue with our demo app(on Windows 10)based on the points you have mentioned. but so far we are not able to observe this issue. It seems like it has some randomness.

Could you send this question to developersupport@zoom.us with the following information so that we could further investigate?

  • Could you provide the SDK log from the device that has this issue?
  • Could you provide one of the meeting ID that has this issue? (meeting ID and the approx time)
  • Do you have any video or screenshots of the issue?
  • Could you have a try with the demo app and see if this is reproducible on your end?

Thank you.