Add Custom user name with Join and Start URL to open desktop client app

Is it possible to add custom username with start and join url which i am getting via api ‘meetings/meetingId’.
I want to open the desktop client from Browser, and giving Start url to host and join url to participate. But i need to add custom name what in my system with this url, so the host and participate will come as default name.
The start and join url i am getting from zoom api ‘meetings/meetingId’ and using its response to provide start and join url.
Here is my sample join url ->
How can i add username into this so in desktop client the username show according to this.
I have tried with un and uname but it dint work.

Hey @gitesh.purbiya22,

The only way to do this is registering a participant with a certain name, and then having them join via the registration join_url.


yeah, i achieved with the same process :slight_smile:

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Happy to hear! :slight_smile: