API call for Opt-in / Opt-out history

I see where I can determine if an agent is Opted in/out to a queue using an API command. I need to be able to see the history of the Opt-in and opt-out. There is a portal option for this at
Contact Center > Agent Reports > Opt-in/out Changes
but I cannot find a related API call for this.

Hi @albert_smith
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Have you taken a look into this endpoint:

I have looked at that. It shows durations, but not the time that someone opted in. We have a service desk that rolls over to an after hours service desk when no agents are opted in. We use this for after hours and for company meetings. We need the start and stop times for the Opt in/Opt out. Even on the report that I mentioned (Contact Center > Agent Reports > Opt-in/out Changes), there is a limitation that it will not show the current status until that status changes.

Thanks for sharing more with me @albert_smith
I am going to move this post to the Feature request category to consider it for future releases.