Bad Audio Quality

Hi tommy - we have a conference at the end of this month - do you think realistically you wil have another release out after 1.8.0 to fix audio - its a disaster - or no way or chance in next couple weeks ? We are going with a backup plan.

Hey @tom3,

I do not have an exact timeline for the release of version 1.8.1.

As a backup plan, I suggest using the Zoom App if you are experiencing bad audio with the Web SDK.


Hey @nvivot,

Thanks for your feedback. We will reply to your post here regarding your questions:


We are running 1.8 on https and still experiencing a ton of audio issues. We invested a lot of money into Web SDK and it’s simply not usable.

I am having issues with all browsers at this point. Any attendee if joining from Macbook Air or Windows Surface PC either sees delay in audio, stutter or no audio


Here is our customers feedback about audio quality on our application, so using Zoom Web SDK. Audio quality here means both sound quality and services availability.
We have about 700 users reporting every day through this survey so it’s pretty “accurate” and reliable source of information.
What is interesting here is that we can clearly observe the change between 1.7.10 (pretty stable performances during all August) and 1.8.0 (released on August 26th) with a visible drop.
Our application is still using 1.7.10 but of course the 1.8.0 implies some changes on Zoom backend services i guess and these changes clearly had an impact on the audio quality / service quality.

Please stabilize the quality of the audio’ services as soon as possible. This do not depends on a specific SDK version as it appear to be mostly backend side.

Hey @nvivot, @nitin1, @chris3,

Thanks for reporting the audio issues, and apologies for the inconvenience. We are currently working on improving and fixing the audio issues and will update this thread once complete. (CS-2018)


Hey @tommy, @Michael_Purnell

I have upgraded my web sdk to 1.8.0. , but still experiencing the same audio issue as it was in earlier versions … when we will be getting the next fixed version

Hey @gautam.singh,

Thanks for letting us know. We are in the process of improving the Web SDK audio. Stay updated on this thread, or here: