Delete webinar via API does not send out Webinar cancellation message

When I delete a webinar from the web portal, I get an option to “Send webinar cancellation email to panelists and registrants” with the ability to customize the subject and content.

Yesterday, when I used to delete a webinar, the registrants did get a Cancel Webinar Email notification (with the default message).

But today, it did not send anymore.

Did something change, or is this affected by some kind of setting?

Hey @nelson,

Can I have the webinar ID/number so I can look at the logs?


try any of the 3 below

and if you are looking for the one that worked yesterday:
456 510 787

Thanks @nelson,

So 456 510 787 had one attendee. How may attendees did the other 3 have. I cannot see since those are deleted.

I think the others had two or three attendees. Could you try it out and let me know what behavior do you have?

Hey @nelson,

I was able to reproduce:

When cancelling a webinar via the Zoom Webinar Dashboard I get the cancel email notification.

When cancelling a webinar via the DELETE /webinars/{{webinarID}} I do not get the cancel email notification.

If the notification email was sending before via the api and not know that is a bug. I will pass this on to the team and post back here with updates.


Posting back here, this is the intended functionality. Will mark this as a feature request: ZOOM-107635

Thanks @tommy. I can see how one could want it both ways. It should be optional behavior triggered via a parameter to the call

Hey @nelson,

I agree. We have this in our backlog to fix.