Disable Pop-up Dialog "Unmute Myself" When Spotlighting

Has this been addressed? I had a stream buggered by a “You are muted” notification just this morning.
Thank you for making it a priority.

I could use this feature as well, it looks like this was requested almost a whole year ago and there is no response from Zoom since May 2020. Can we get an update please?

We use Zoom for choir rehearsals, and our singers have to mute when singing because of the audio delay. We also share our screen to show music, and when this Unmute warning appears it covers up the music. It would be very helpful to be able to disable this warning, thank you for considering!

We have the same exact issue as @tomeknawrat. I would like to upvote this feature request. Our organization’s scenario is very similar to the one mentioned by Tomasz. Our meetings are sign language centric and therefore we have very little if any need at all for audio. We also have very active audience participation as well as role playing between participants at times which require a moderator to frequently switch the spotlight.

How many years will it take? Can I please +∞ on this?

Wow - this was requested nearly a year ago. It’s annoying as hell. I attend Zoom dance parties five nights per week and that pop-up is super annoying. Sometimes people who don’t know any better blindly click on the prompt to unmute themselves, making the host have to mute them again. Super annoying. They can’t turn off unmuting entirely as some of the DJs feed their sound through the mic input. We really need that popup to die. Pretty please, before an entire year has passed…

This is pretty easy to sort guys. If you are hosting a meeting with multiple participants who are dancing or running or doing something which you want to spotlight, make sure you deselect the option to allow users to unmute themselves. Then the annoying box will not appear.

+1 this is still needed.