Do Zoom Web SDK run on mobile browsers

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Good question! Yes, this does retroactively affect the previous versions.


Hi @MaxM, I wanted to follow up on this since you mentioned you were going to talk to your team and might be able to get us a timeline for mobile support?

I have noticed there was a big “2.0” release of the web SDK – the “Mobile web browsers are not supported” is still there, however the new Component view has a compatibility table of its own for its WebSDK Embedded, with mobile browsers listed with partial support. Screenshot:

This looks very promising but I don’t get the discrepancy between the two pages – how should we reconcile them?

From my testing of the Web SDK v1.9.7 in mobile browsers, the client UI supported “video (send)” and “audio (receive)” in iOS 14, and “audio (send)” since iOS 14.5 (see Join Computer Audio support in Safari). And for Android Chrome, my testing matches what the table states, although the performance wasn’t good.

It would be great to have confirmation if there’s been progress made for both the Client and Component UIs, or even if it’s just the Component side that has better mobile support.

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Apologies for the confusion, mobile browsers are still not officially supported.


Hi @tommy, could you elaborate a bit? Should we altogether discard the information that’s on this table?


Thank you for your question, @thibaud.colas! To help shed some light on this matter, it looks like this table was not updated in accordance the scope of our support. Our deepest apologies, please be assured a document update request was submitted to address this. As @tommy mentioned, we do not officially support mobile browsers at this time but hope to resume in the future. It is important to note that this does not mean the Web SDK won’t work on mobile browsers. Rather we are not able to offer the highest caliber of support to our customers leveraging mobile browsers, while evolving with the shifting internet policies. That aside, here is a great interview with Eric S. Yuan which highlights how we have innovative our videoconferencing offerings to a comprehensive communication Platform to enable every type of organization.

Let me know if this helps to clarify or if you have further questions about this – always happy to help!

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Thanks for the additional details @donte.zoom! From my testing of v2.0.1 on iOS 15 in Safari I found all audio/video features to be working as expected, and the performance seemed reasonable (only a few hundred ms delay on a device from 5 years ago). The only issues were with some of the UI components not being responsive / designed to work at 320px viewport width. Things like this that I’m sure I could fix with additional CSS:

The web client’s meeting UI itself works pretty well (although it’s a tight fit at this screen width):

I have yet to test it in Android Chrome, fingers crossed.

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Thanks for sharing what worked for you @thibaud.colas! While we can’t offer support for mobile browsers I think it’s important to share what works as the platforms evolve.


@thibaud.colas is this working properly in all mobile which version you are using and
what are the modification in ui needed for this


Thank you for writing to us on the Zoom Developer Forum. This thread is old and the SDK has undergone significant updates. Could you open a new thread so that the information provided is the most current?

@donte.zoom yes I already opened a new thread

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