Host audio cracking and attendee video not showing in chrome android web sdk 1.9.1

Similar issue like Audio not working in mobile 1.8.5


Host audio cracking and attendee video not showing in chrome android web sdk 1.9.1.
Only attendee video issue in firefox android, audio is clear.
No issues on chrome desktop. all good.

Which Web Client SDK version?

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device:realme 7
  • OS:android
  • Browser: [Chrome]
  • Browser 90.*

@tommy Please take it urgently.

This is not expected from a billion-dollar company, no response on this serious issue even after 24 hours. Hope I had not integrated zoom in our software. :roll_eyes:

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I was about the post the same issue, there is some disturbance and audio issues, when people are joining through mobile

Zoom developer is not interested to respond. God help us. I am exploring other options. More than 3600 schools, using our software, are affected by this issue.

Yeah, we are also conducting some live sessions every day, 100’s of students are joining, don’t know what to do .

Hey @jitendra.1607 and @vasanth,

My apologies for the delay responding to this issue. I should note that when there are multiple responses on a forum post, it used to reset it in our queue. This is an issue that we actually fixed today.

Further, if you are encountering a critical issue that requires immediate attention, you’ll want to email so that we see the issue right away and are able to begin investigating.

Creating a ticket will also ensure that you can share private account information as the ticket is not public.

On that same note, please send an email to with a link to this thread. In that email, please include a Meeting ID where you saw this issue and if possible a video demonstrating the problem.

I’ll be sure to pick up those tickets right away and continue investigating this issue. If necessary, I’ll involve our engineering team.


I am loading SDK from CDN, will it load new code bypassing the cache?

on loading ‘’ i can see below line, which is older release.

`// [Zoom Meeting Web Client WebSDK]  1.9.1_20210305_ES5_release - Friday, March 5th, 2021, 4:36:57 AM `

Hey @jitendra.1607,

It looks like that is the correct release, it’s just that changes to that file were made on May 5th but our actual release was on May 9th.

Have you had a chance to submit a ticket for this issue?

I would like to use the above information to troubleshoot the issue and engage our engineering team. Please also provide any errors that you see in the browser console when you encounter this issue.


yes i have submitted a ticket.

Hi @jitendra.1607,

Thanks for confirming—we’ve received your email and we’re looking into this. ( CS-3294)


@jitendra.1607 Did you got the solution for this problem ??

Hey @vasanth,

Our engineering team is still investigating the issue. We’ll be sure to update you here with any new information about the issue.


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