Implement Virtual Backgrounds in Linux

+1, it will be a major quality of life improvement to have this feature available in Linux

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+1 from my side as well. It’s quite 90’s to support Windows first, it’s 2010-ish to give Mac users the same features and it’s so not 2021-ish to still exclude Linux. :slight_smile:

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  • 1 I’ve created a ticket for this as well. Nobody is going to pay attention to it, but…
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Fully support this! I use zoom on linux in a professional environment and it is truly surprising that this update has not been implemented yet. Hoping to hear from the devs regarding an update on this.

Sick of using third party tools to get the background working somewhat well. This is honestly my largest annoyance regarding Linux and Zoom use.

Need here too! I’m a paying member of zoom, and this feature is really needed for professional context!

I need it too! Blur background for sure.

I would really like this for linux as well.

+1 for usable virtual backgrounds in Linux

+1. Please, implement this feature.

It’s quite strange that this functionality works almost perfectly in Windows and barely works in Linux.

The current virtual background doesn’t work very well for me either (Arch Linux or Ubuntu). There is a window behind my chair, and it disrupts the program.
It’s a shame to be forced to use Google Meet on Chrome for this feature, when we all agree that your software is much better.

+1. Please implement this important feature for Linux users. I definitely base my choice on a VC platform on the availability of this feature. I currently use google meet exactly for that reason and hope that I can rather sooner than later also use Zoom as well.

I’m just new to Zoom and would like the backgrounds without green screen sorted, like on Windows and Mac.
When I tried the “Virtual Backgrounds” on Settings -due to the lighting in my room, takes half of my face off :grimacing:

this would be highly appreciated. Google Meet does it well in Chrome under Linux, and without too much hit to CPU. There are linux workarounds (virtual cameras, such as Fakecam in the Ubuntu Snap Store) but they hit the CPU pretty hard.

+1 in support of this feature. Given a choice, I would prefer to have the feature with higher CPU usage than to not have it available. Would be great to see this.

Agree here. G Meet is doing it in Chrome without too much hit to CPU, why shouldn’t Zoom? It is very much needed. Hope this feature request is prioritized.

yeah, need this feature asap…the workaround is so unstable…works but has potential to break other stuffs…

tonight I used Jitsi for a few hours, and background blur in this open source zoom competitor worked very well. Zoom not doing this on Linux is getting tired.

the fakecam developers are working on lowering cpu use, it will probably become a feasible solution soon