NewTek NDI Input & Output

With a worldwide shortage of webcams, this is an essential add using NDI Virtual Input to feed zoom a webcam - but NDI Virtual Input does not show in the Video source drop down for Zoom on OSX 10.15.4 w. Zoom 5.0.3 (24978.0517). Our entire organization moved away from Teams/Skype to Zoom for user familiarity but I wish I hadn’t chosen Zoom because now I’m stuck with no camera. Esp. since NDI has made their apps free for 60 days per:

+1 Need this feature in Zoom! NDI is the future.

We would love to see this, as we are currently using NDI with Skype - it works very well.

Hi scott
Please how many feed you can have in NDI separate from skype “conference”

This is critical for my use. I had to downgrade my Zoom version in order for it to work… and if 5.0 doesn’t support it, I’ll be closing my paid account and switching over to Skype.

Yes please! NDI support would make Zoom amazing. I wouldn’t mind paying for an upgraded account to get this functionality, and I’m sure a most people here would agree to that.