Not getting Engagement details in Zoom App & App closed between calls

I started with the zoomapps-advancedsample-react and I’m not able to get engagement events when open in the Contact Center during a call. I’m not sure if there is a configuration that I am missing. I’ve added the onEngagementContextChange event to my app and added it within the zoomSdk config capabilities.

Lastly, is there a way to keep the app open within the contact center client between calls? I would like to have it open next to the dial pad so that I can fetch contacts through my application to make outbound calls.

Hi Brett,

When your app first loads, you will need to call the associated APIs in your app to get the data. This is because there is no webview instance running for your app when the agent first opens the app. The events will send updates to your app, but they can not be used to provide data when your Zoom App first loads.

Take a look at the sequence diagram on this link below.

It shows that your app should send requests to the API methods to get the data. Once you have the initial data about the engagement, you can render your app accordingly. From that point, you can then setup event listeners to be notified regarding any changes to that engagement, or new engagements.

Regarding the second question, currently the Zoom Apps render inside the Engagements in Zoom Contact Center, so it is not possible to leave the app open within ZCC outside of engagements. Users can access your app in the “Apps” section of the Zoom client, but it is outside of Zoom Contact Center and when the user accesses your app there, your app will not have access to the Zoom Contact Center API/Events in the Zoom Apps SDK.