No conferencing event in Zoom Contact Center API


In the Zoom Contact Center API (Zoom API Events - Contact Center) I’m not seeing a way to tell from the events when a conference is started.

All I’ve seen so far is a contact_center.task_reservation_created event is sent with the same engagement_id for the second user being added to the conference. This makes it hard for our application to determine if the call is a conference when processing the events.

Is there a plan to have specific events for conferences just like there are events for transfers?

Apologies for the delayed response. Have tried to the contact_center.engagement_started event? For reference, I’ve linked the event below :


This event is received only at the beginning of the entire interaction, I don’t see how this comes into play in a conference.

@alejandro.flores ,

You’re correct! Additionally, after reviewing more thoroughly, I don’t see any event for the conference. Let me confirm internally and I’ll get back to you. In the meantime, could you provide more information about your workflow with ZCC? Additionally, what specific data are you hoping to capture from the conference event?

Sure, our application has its own call modeling so with any integration we want to process the events we receive and update our model accordingly. With most integrations we get clear events for things like holds, transfers, conferences etc but I’m seeing that with Zoom CC I don’t have the same for conferences so I’m having to resort to other methods to figure out if we’re in a conference such as counting the number of parties in a call.

Ideally I would see an event such as contact_center.engagement_conference_initiated and other events related such as (conference_accepted, conference_rejected, conference_cancelled, etc) and know for sure that we’re in a Conference scenario. What I see right now is the following:

  • Call starts with Zoom User A and a customer phone.
  • When User A starts a Conference I see a contact_center.task_reservation_created with assigned_user_id for User B and when this user answers I get a contact_center.task_reservation_accepted, but those events are always seen when any new Task is created meaning that they’re not unique to Conferences.

The other thing I’ve seen is that I didn’t see any events when the calls are joined after consulting with another Agent in a Conference. Is there supposed to be one for that as well?


Firstly, thank you for taking the time to share this feedback! I’m going to pass it onto our engineering team. If you can, it would be awesome if you could also submit a feature request. This helps us understand the use case a bit more and it seems like we could fill a gap to make the developer experience even better. Here’s the insight that was shared: a conference is between two of our ZCC agents, then webhooks would be sent for the second agent joining the call. The engagementId would be the same for both the original agent and the second agent. From this, we could infer that a conference is happening because the webhooks would show a second agent joining the engagementId while the first agent is still on the line.