Zoom Contact Center and Recording Controls

Do the call recording controls as described in the following KB article apply to Contact Center recordings? Using in-call controls

The article is grouped under "Zoom Phone System Support > Zoom Phone Features > Call Controls. I’ve tried looking under the Contact Center KB articles, but can’t find an equivalent article for CC engagements.

Ultimately I’m looking to understand what we could expect to see under various call scenarios. For instance, one scenario I’ve been asked about is: “If Agent A originally answers a call, then conference the call with Agent B and one Supervisor, would your integration receive and store the same recorded call media file against all involved ZCC users (Agent A, Agent B and Supervisor)? What will happen if someone left the call earlier?”

I have multiple scenarios I need to address, so a summary of the impacts of Contact Center call controls on call recording will help me understand this. Importantly, I need to understand how functions like Listening, Whispering, Barging and Taking Over calls will interact with call recording. For instance, if an agent originally answers a call, then a Supervisor whispers or barges the call, what recording(s) would be generated?

Additional questions, if I may…

Are call recordings settings specific to Zoom product?

For instance, say I have a Zoom account where:

  • some users require Zoom Phone calls recorded
  • other users require Zoom Meetings recorded
  • other users require Zoom Contact Center engagements recorded.

It is possible for a user belong to one or more of these groups in any combination.

For example, if I enable call recording for Phone calls of a given user mean that user’s Contact Center engagements will also be recorded? Or is that enabled separately? Are there any special edge cases or caveats I should be aware of?

I couldn’t find anything specific in the API KB articles, but that could just be that I haven’t found the correct search terms.